1980s New Romantic Murder Mysteries 
 Book #1: Killers In Mascara

Life, death and a small scruffy dog in the New Romantic club scene of the early '80s...

New Year's Eve, London, 1979. In the exclusive Spivz nightclub the city's trendiest trend-setters prepare to drink and dance their way into the new decade, unaware that a killer is in their midst. When the dead body of a young man is discovered, there is no motive and far too many suspects. But there is one deadly clue - a bottle of mascara. The hunt is on: "Find the mascara and you find the murderer!" Killers in Mascara leads the reader on an extraordinary journey into a decadent and glittering subculture where even killers do it with style!

This novel is available for immediate download from Amazon USA and Amazon UK. If you grab a copy, read it and like it, suffice to say I’d be most incredibly grateful if you would write a review on Amazon. It is also available in 'Nook Book' format from Barnes & Noble.

 Book #2: The Glam Assassin

When the corpse of a Glam Rock guitarist is found hanged by his own fishnet tights, the rock music scene of 1980s London is thrown into panic. As the murders continue, Glam Rock superstar, Stan Buttershaw, recruits a trash pop music journalist, a freelance physicist and a small scruffy dog to try to find the assassin before the assassin finds Stan...

 Book #3: Death Wears Sequins

Glamorous women, even more glamorous men, ruthless assassins and a deadly pursuit across snow-covered Dartmoor. Dive headlong into the glittering, action-packed world of 1980s New Romantic murder, mystery and mayhem.

Neon 80s

This book contains many of my published interviews with 80s stars. It is available either as a paperback or an an eBook for Kindle. Compendiously illustrated with photos and reproductions of the pages and covers from the magazines in which they originally appeared in the early '80s, Neon 80s contains interviews with Adam Ant, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, ABC, Toyah, Modern Romance, Limahl, Marilyn, Boy George, David Sylvian, Divine and many other stars.